Choosing virtual staging over traditional staging | Apparently proven strategy.

In the light of economic soundness of every individual, the choice and desire gets shifted from better to the best. It was a world full of exchange of ideas and innovations and it still is. Over the time, the system of marketing strategy has drastically changed. And today is the phase of  transition where we can buy and sell your property online through different methods. Even regarding living standard, its highly preferable with 

well designed homes. So every clients looking for the homes for sale  are after the best one. Hence, presenting with impressive picture or demo of well staged home will matter the most in convincing them.

Similarly, property sellers deal with different methods to sell their property in the best manner they can. In that case, the mostly used strategy by the property sellers are virtual staging and traditional staging.The property sellers or the real estate agent have their own choice in which they will follow up on either virtual or traditional staging or traditional home staging  depending on ratio of profitability and comfortability.

However, in this phase of modernization, most of the real estate agent, stakeholders or property owners are mostly overwhelmed by the way virtual staging works. And it is said that, virtual staging technique has already taken over the traditional way of staging idle property. So virtual staging has the amazing performance since then. Therefore, get informed and choose your way,it’ll be of greater help! 👇👇👇

Why staging?

Staging is another term to refer it for designing. If the property owner wants to place his home for a sale, he needs to firstly catch the potential client demanding for his property. To make this happen, one should give a view on how it looks with arranged home. If not, buyers will have no image on how nice it could become. Thereby,  advertising your house idly will never help in getting buyers. Because they will never have image of furnished room until its being pictured or shown.

But then, the power lies just on your palm. Meaning staging and showing the design of well staged home makes buyers be more realistic in making their own choice. It’s all about showing them the reality of how your home could be by showcasing serenity of every surroundings. In all those businesses, they can’t do it just like that. But designers and stagers has to be  involved to make it systematic and appealing. And weighing the benefits of strategy, they use either virtual or traditional staging method. With development of growing digital activities, majority of the go for virtual staging leaving the traditional staging style far behind.

Facts of traditional staging.


Traditional staging

Traditional staging is synonymously known as the physical staging. It involves effort, furniture and other replaceable accessories required to stage it professionally.  In here the stager comes in and design a home before its being advertised. Considering the view of the buyers, if the property owner has no attractive future and hanging materials, stager has to provide those necessities on rental basis. Then they will also have to literally declutter and replace it with standard one to make it inviting which in a way, cause destructions to the furniture and walls while doing so. If the colors on the wall is not well painted, again repainting of walls have to be done in order to invite more number of buyers. But if a house has good furniture set, then not much task will be levied instead, stager just have to update with bit of redecorating task.

It’s because of inclusive practicality of their career, in traditional way of staging a home, people believe that it provides them the clear-cut idea of how their home can be.   Although, traditional staging can be trustworthy and convincing to buyers and clients, it’s more expensive and time consuming strategy. The cost of every small action has to be counted, starting form hiring of  professional stager, how much time spend, for the efforts used in decluttering, redecorating, repainting and also for the hiring of furniture if required.

Therefore, considering the time constraints, cost effectiveness, action efficiency, flexibility and choices, this strategy fails in almost all of these criteria which ultimately led to the birth of virtual staging. And it is seen to be very effective where its implemented and chosen as the most preferred one.  But why?

 What makes virtual staging the far-reaching approach today ?

staged home

virtual staging

Virtual staging is another strategy supplementing the traditional staging of vacant home or idle property. The designing of your room is done digitally where the property sellers just have to provide the stager with right informations including,the measurement of vacant room size and the clear photos of every parts with its surroundings. Most of the real estate agent  who have used both staging strategy says that doing it virtually serves the best and they do recommend this approach. It owe the greater role in lifting up your potential for successful run if done it professionally. But if the dealer fails to find the right company who stages in the right manner, people will get wrong view and feel deceiving. That may also lead to losing your targeted customers. But nothing wrong, it’s just the matter of hiring your designer who does it very professionally if not you’ll you can mess around the leading benefits of designing a home virtually. Both buyers and sellers can exchange their conversations regarding how to do and when to do no matter where they are. They can work together to make it possible within the time framed.

And another amazing facts about, virtual staging is that, it can put your listing before hand because unlike the traditional staging, it doesn’t require movers in order to shift your things and declutter it. A home can be staged digitally through special software to market as fast as possible and since there is limited task, there won’t be much headache for those stagers and property dealers.

In virtually staging a home, the designer must be professionally skilled to turn it to be more realistic and clear. He must also possess an intrigue towards designing enabling true potential of a home and creation of more traffic. The staged home in the list must appeal to the buyers’ eyes reflecting every beautiful scenery of the surroundings inside-out.   

 It’s much affordable as compared to the traditional method because the cost incurred is just for the staged pictures. The cost of movers, rentals and also for the hiring furniture are totally eliminated here. Because no extra labor and physical effort are involved whereby causing it to be more flexible and affordable. Therefore, virtual staging is the reason why it’s mostly demanded in market place of property dealers and definitely it has overtaken the place of traditional staging today.

And yes! we are one of those company taking up with designing your homes virtually and it truly proves your goals. We offer you the best of your choice and we are the achievers, haunting of success. So connect us and join us. We welcome you.  




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