Difference between Commercial Interior Design and Residential Interior Design

Commercial and Residential Interior Design

You have already heard that ‘Location’ is the key to success of any business. But one thing that is more important than location is interior design. Interior design is the art of balancing the functional needs and decor preferences inside the structure.

Commercial building is basically used for purposes like office, restaurant, store and etc. Just as there are many types of commercial buildings, there are different types of commercial interior designs. Instead of home interior structures, the commercial building structure is different with different needs.

The need of clients for interior design can differ, depending on whether the building is commercial or residential.

Difference between Commercial Interior design and Residential Interior design

Commercial and residential building are very non-identical. The standards and rule or regulations are different for both. Commercial building is dedicated to commercial activities.

As a name suggest, the residential design aims for living spaces. Like homes, apartments, cottage, large estates and etc. Residential interior designers plan and designs spaces in residential homes. It is common for residential interior designers to specialize in kitchens, bathrooms and custom home furnishings. The residential interior design basically deals with designing interiors of residential spaces.

On the other hand, commercial interior designers focused on projects works in schools, libraries, museums, government building, and public transportation terminals. Commercial design is far more vast and complex than residential design. Each commercial design form boutique to the library has its own structural and functional requirements.

There are some things which are common in residential and commercial interior design like digital images, 3D modeling program, communication( understand the client needs and create a design accordingly) and building codes.

Virtual Staging and Interior Design

Virtual staging is a good option for realtors to sell a home faster. 91% of searches for buying a home are taking place online. Virtual staging allows you to add trending design into your home to spark the buyers’ interest. You can incorporate the latest interior design trends of 2019 in your design using virtual staging like stone floor, greenery everywhere and wooden furnishings. Deep and huge colors are huge for 2019 interior design. Using virtual staging with latest interior design trends, you boost your listing to more potential customers.

Latest interior design trends for 2019 are using natural elements, velvet furnishings, floral pattern, richer color pattern, Copper Accents, brass decor, black and white decor, tonal reds, geometric pattern, concrete accent, vintage lighting, bucket sinks, brunt yellow, agate wallpaper, matte finishes, and canopy beds.

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