Latest Office Design Trends in 2019

office trends 2019

The modern workplace has changed form it was a decade ago. Many office designs are centered around creating a positive workplace for employees. Create a positive workplace is a place where the staff feels happy and boost their productivity level. The process of creating a good workplace become far more holistic. Even behind the success of a business, great office design also does matters nowadays. With the innovation of new technologies, new trends are also adopted in office spaces around the world. Great office design also inspires employees for more productivity.

When it comes to modern office design trends of 2019, wellness of employees is going to become more of a focus along with creativity-boosting decor ideas to breed business success. Every company’s highest priorities are to hire the best talent for their company. You can attract the best talent by providing the wellness environment, and flexibility in office design. Office Designers primarily focus on creating the value of an organization. Their goal is to increase the employee’s experience level and developing overall wellness, cultivating happiness and boosting morale for everyone.

Macro Trends

Macro trends prioritize the employee experience at work. Basic macro trends are old meet new and second nature.

Old Meet New

Old meet new is a trend of injecting new fashion into an old building. It takes a bone of existing building and breath new life into them. By adding certain architect and interior trends into your old property, old architecture can be changed into a new attractive look.

Second Nature

Second nature trends are on top to integrate nature in your office design like add flowers and other greenery items.

Experience-Driven Spaces

The goal of having experience driven spaces is to prioritize the employee’s experience at work. It leads to happier and healthier employees. Employee wellness is going to become more of a focus in 2019. Whether an employee or interviewee, the first impression of your office design keeps matter. Your office should be like that makes it stand out from the others.

Free Range Cohabitation Spaces

The new Cohabitation spaces are bringing down the walls and enable companies to share the same space, talent, and resources. Then features of free-range cohabitation spaces are open plan offices, greenery, mobile furniture, beverage bars, and comfortable lounges.

Moss Walls

Moss walls are a beautiful and low maintenance way to add beautiful nature into your office design. Moss wall and moss tiles leave the rooms or offices for an infinite combination. Vertical moss walls include everything that you can imagine. A mossy wall is an innovative way to give a classy touch to your greenery indoor design.

Abstract & Geometric Patterning

Geometric patterns are the collection of shapes to create a cohesive design. Adding abstract and geometric patterns into your design can make it more attractive and appealing. Combine these patterns with photos, play with asymmetry, using lighting and shadows creatively and connects the shapes in a unique way. Isometric pattern, use diagonals, play with symmetry, using of patterns within the patterns, different ways to use lines, use of gradients, combine several different images, emulate an effect with spaces and overlapping the shapes will be on trend in 2019.

Hand Crafted & Unique Containers

Handcrafted & containers look to your office designs is a good approach towards natural shape with wide range possibilities for decorating. Create a storage container design for your office will be on trend in 2019.

Green branding, Biophilia, and Natural Cues

In 2019, using green branding, biophilia, natural cues, and vegetation is on the rise and logo or taglines are going green to eye-catching the employee’s impression. The presence of daylight is the way for active and passive contact with nature to have a positive impact on employee’s well being. Designers have to concentrate more on employee happiness and wellness so they will focus on their work and contributes toward healthier office environment.

Home Office Staging

Home office staging will also be on trending in 2019. A lot of peoples are working from home, so it becomes the biggest asset to a home in a market. If the home office is not available at your home, you can keep extra space for that. Initial steps involve in home office staging are remove all the furniture but the essential, declutter, setup up an organized workplace, keep it neutral and accessorize.


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