Virtual Renovation Trends in 2019

New Renovation Trends in 2019

Alter the structure of an existing home is known as Home Remodeling. Home remodeling also includes the improvement to the garden, lawn, and outdoor structures. Home remodeling also includes the processes like upgrading the heating and air conditioning system, upgrading the room with luxuries, repairing the plumbing and electrical system and increase their capacities, roof replacement, concrete repair and repainting the room.

Home renovation is different from home remodeling. Home renovation means to restore the good state of repair. On the other hand, home remodeling means changing the structure of the home. Restoration of something to its good state and make it new again is called home renovation.

If you looking for remodeling your home bathroom, it means you are looking to change the appearance of it. On the other hand, if you are looking for renovation for your home bathroom, it means you are looking for repairing and updating your home bathroom.

It’s very important to know the difference between home renovation and home remodeling. It helps you to communicate with your contractor accurately. If you are looking for selling your home, get renovate your home. But before remodeling and renovation of your property, consult with the experienced design-build contractor first.Home renovation and remodeling are acts of renewing, upgrade & updation of property and cosmetic improvement. Whereas, home remodeling the act of changing the use of space, improve the functionalities and breath new life into a room.

In a simple world, you can define them as:

Remodeling: Changing the use of space.
Renovation: Renovate the space without changing of its use.

The new year comes with new renovation trends, ideas, and designs. Here is the list of new renovation trends in 2019.

Flooring Trends

For your home renovation, new flooring trends that you can expect will see in 2019 are reclaiming wood, hexagon ceramic tile, distressed hardwood, polished concrete floors, rapid lock vinyl, think wide planks, large tiles, and oaks.

Top 5 flooring trends in 2019 are, the wood looked flooring, waterproof flooring, texture flooring, Environment – responsible flooring and blonde flooring.

Using of cork flooring is on trending to get natural look of your floor.

Black & white patterned and white mosaics will on trending in 2019. You can get them in a variety of shapes including subway tiles, small squares, herringbone, and etc.

Wood look tiles with many styles and shapes will also be on trend in 2019.

Grey hardwood floors will also be on trend in 2019, particularly for kitchen and bathrooms.

Floor carpets have the ability to add warmth to your home.

Usage of large format tile will be on trending in 2019.

Farmhouse and coastal styles are becoming more popular in the home.

Window Covering Trends

New window covering trends will help you to select the best type of window treatment for your room. Top window treatment trend for 2019 are: Contrast Curtain, Window Decals, Austrian shades, Eclectic, Floor to ceiling, custom curtains, black window frames, county check, panel track blind, Sheer shades, White and write, art screen, white shutters, floral farmhouse, dark wood shutters, canopy curtains, cellular shades, swing arm curtains, double up, soft blue, panel screen, bamboo blind, silk shades, shade valances, printed drapes, ultra traditional and room dividers.

In short scene, best window covering trends in 2019 are:

Window treatment in jewel tones will be on trending to create an luxury atmosphere in any space.

Let the lights in trends is always been on trending for window treatment.

Tapes with sells attached to a window will on also be on trend in 2019.

Adding natural elements or Eco-friendly material and layer shades in window treatment will also be on trending.

Using metallic surface and Stainless steel over the window will also be on treading in 2019.

Adding neutral frames to the window to get a more sophisticated look to your room will also be on trend in 2019.


The countertop is the main component of the kitchen. Mostly all the kitchen activities happens there. The countertop is the decor of your kitchen.

The industrial countertop is on trend in 2019. We will see varieties of texture surfaces such as concrete in 2019. Black, copper, and brass are combing to countertop design will also be on trend this year.

Changing the countertop can make a dramatic change to your home. Using elegant and practical matte in your coutertop design is the hottest trend of 2019.

Using quartz can also increase the decor of countertop which is known for its flexibility and durability.

Concrete comes in various architectural design and styles to remodeling of countertop of your kitchen.

Cabinets Trends

Using cattle collection is on trending to decor your home cabinets. And antique treasure makes it look more attractive and trending. Display the set of plates over the cabinets adds the extra decor to your cabinets.

Showcase your collection of beautiful baskets is on trending nowadays.
Interesting wallpapers over the cabinets make it look more attractive and elegant.

Incorporation of the vintage sign in your kitchen catches the eyes of many buyers.

A decorative clock and sign add the visual decor and attraction.

Using mixed media can add the 7 starts in the decor of your home.

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