Difference b/w Traditional home staging and Virtual staging

Staging a home is one of the major points to consider when we sell a house because staging can attract potential buyers and help them to get the property easily. Whether you are a house owner or a real estate agent, if you sell any property, all things should be considered before putting it into the market.

Hiring a professional home staging company also plays an important role to get in the list of selling a house.

By highlighting the positive features of a house,  it can improve the face value of the home. Staging your home properly can create instant buyers and make them give their best bid for your house. And for staging the home, there are two categories which are traditional home staging and virtual staging.

In traditional home staging, the home is staged and decorated physically. We can say that the home is decorated in actual by purchasing the furniture on rent. And in virtual staging, the home is designed by designers by taking the empty photograph of the home. The graphic designer transforms the vacant home’s photograph into a beautiful, fully-furnished house with 3-D photographs by using some photo editors.


Traditional home staging: Definition

Traditional home staging is a technique to stage and design a home physically in which the man force is involved. We can also say that the traditional home staging is a technique of arranging and redesigning with the existing furniture of a house.

It is usually staged by a professional home stager who come and stages the home physically. There are many traditional home staging companies providing the facility to the real estate agents & house owners the furniture and decoration item for a home highlighting the best features of the home.

The purpose of staging a home traditionally is to show the home in real. And the buyer can take an idea to figure out the room and stage the room in right way. It is a very expensive technique but can be an effective technique to sell a house.

Virtual staging: Definition

Virtual staging is the process of staging the house virtually for selling any property or house in which a graphic designer and an editor design the interior frame of the house with the help of some editing software. The house’s image is integrating with design, decoration and furniture in the interior vacant place.

We can say that in virtual staging, the photographer takes a photograph of an empty room or a house. Then the designers fill those photographs with some editing software & make them look like a real well-furnished room. Virtual staging is one of the most effective techniques for selling a home. It is done by professional photographers & designers.

Virtual home staging especially works more for online customers. And in today’s world, more than 90% of buyers search all the properties online to buy. And one of the main reasons for the increased demand for virtual staging is that if you are staging your home with the traditional method, the process is very time consuming and expensive. So why can’t we choose the virtual staging for a home in which the buyer and seller both get profited.


Traditional home staging v/s Virtual staging

Traditional home staging and virtual staging are both two different words of staging the home. Both works in staging the home and selling the home. But both are different from each other. In today’s time, both techniques are still used and they are beneficial too.

For traditional home staging and virtual staging you really need to hire the professional home stager. And many companies are providing the facility of home staging. It is your choice how you want to sell your own home. The real estate agents generally use the virtual staging technique and update the photographs according to the client’s demand.

The virtual staging is more effective than the traditional home staging. The traditional home staging is a very expensive technique. You need to arrange or to rent the furniture to make them room well-furnished which is very costly and then for staging it, a professional home stager is hired. So more money is wasted in this technique. Because when the buyer is ready to buy the room, all the arranged furniture needs to be removed from that house.

But in virtual staging, the graphic designer designs the whole house virtually and displays it into a photograph. In this, time is saved and it is a very cost-effective approach than the traditional home staging.


Which one is best for you?

If we talk about the cost, the virtual staging is less expensive than traditional home staging for selling the house at its best price. Traditional home staging companies can require the monthly payments for the furniture and the decoration materials and sometimes the company charges extra money for repairs.

Now, comes the factor of time. Time is a very important aspect in every work. And everyone wants that the work is done as soon as possible in this so much called “busy world. The real estate agents and homeowners also choose virtual staging over traditional home staging because the traditional home staging involves the arrangement of the home furniture and decoration materials which is itself a time-consuming for them.

And in virtual staging, buyers are attracted just by a home’s online photograph and most of the time 90% of the buyers purchase a house just by taking a look at the virtually staged photographs of that house.


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