How Virtual Staging Solution has Become Realtors Best Choice

How virtual staging is necessary to sell your home

Virtual staging is all about presenting your property in the most appealing way to potential customers. It has become the best choice for realtors. Virtual staging is basically applied for vacant property to sell it in more money. It takes a long time to sell the vacant property as compared to staged property. That’s why virtual staging solution is being considered by many realtors.

For realtors, when it comes to selling a house, there are a lot of things matters before putting it on the market. Determine the best features to highlight before selling the property can raise the interest level of buyers and the number of offers made on a property.

Before virtual staging, traditional home staging technique was used by professional stager for staging a home before listing it. In traditional staging, stager was required furniture and other home decor items to stage the home manually. And, Some home staging was required a little decoration while others may require repainting and minor repairing. It was time consuming and expensive approach to home staging. On the other hand, virtual staging is an effective or fast home staging method. You can hire a professional virtual staging company to sell your property fast at the best price.

Reasons for choosing Virtual Staging

1. It Attracts the Potential Buyers.

The human brain is attracted to a certain look, shapes, and lines. Presenting the real-life view of selling property to the potential buyers can attract them more as compared to flat blueprints. It enables the buyers to see the 3D view of any selling property. The main reason for real estate development is virtual staging. It can convert the most daring ideas into reality. It has also changed the dynamics of the real estate industry for a better future. 90% of home buyers searches for a home online. And 85% of buyers decide their home after seeing the photos. Now can you understand the importance of photos in virtual staging? It can reflect the decor and beauty on any vacant property.

2. Effective Presentation for All in one View

Virtual 3D rendering is the way to represent your whole property overview in one presentation or video. This process includes filming the scenes of different views of your property. There are many methods for 3D rendering. The main popular methods are non-realistic wireframe rendering and scanline rendering. The 3D rendering technique is also used in engineering for representation of machine components.

3. Virtual Staging Gives Listings a Digital Touch

Virtual staging is the process of takes photos of empty rooms and adds furniture and other decor items. The goal of virtual staging is to help the potential buyers to search your listing. Virtual staging is fast, flexible and less expensive than physical staging. It’s a way to put your vacant property on a competitive level with the well professionally decorated listing. Buyers can flip through numbers of available photos of available homes before selecting the good one.

4. Edit is done on the fly

Virtual staging software are designed for realtors to create a real view space and 3d virtual design. These software can convert your room’s measurement into the 3d realistic photo, regulate the location and sizes of windows and doors. You can also change the color of the walls and create a real view design. You can add the furniture of your choice and make rendering images and share it with the potential buyers. You can create a real tour vision of your selling property also. You can compare the demo version using photos and furnished samples. Virtual staging is a pioneer option of modern staging.

5. It’s cost-effective

A positive feature of virtual staging is that it is more cost-effective than traditional staging. The average cost of virtual staging is between $39 and $199 per room as compared to traditional staging which is $700 per month. Breota is offering virtual staging in $ 59 per photo. This is a genuine price and you can hire them if you are looking for a cost-effective virtual staging service in Philadelphia and its adjacent cities.

6. Important for property Marketing

When it comes to property marketing, virtual staging is a solution that can make the property more attractive to potential buyers. Virtual staging is a key to selling property successfully.

  • 1. It helps the realtors to sell the property fast.
  •  It helps the buyers to visualize the property.
  •  It helps the realtors sell the property at good prices. Virtual staged homes are always sold 6% above the normal price.
  • You can stage your home in your own way.
  •  It helps buyers to physically see the large space with large furniture and other decor items.
  • It helps the home seller to picture space at its fullest potential.

How virtual staging is necessary to sell your home

77% of realtors believe that virtual staging makes it easy for buyers to visualize the home. It has finished up the traditional way of staging. If your house is already full of furniture and flexible room arrangement, you might not need virtual staging. But virtual staging is always an option. You can consult with any real estate agent who knows what things buyers are looking in their buying home. Then you can hire any professional virtual staging company to stage your home according to buyers’ needs.

The virtual staging had been developed nearly 10 years ago. But then it was not as popular as it is. But now, home staging makes a huge difference in representing a home. Buyers are only attracted to good looking and well-staged home. This can be done with virtual staging.

Virtual staging becomes an essential marketing tool for staging a residential as well as commercial property. You can transform your empty room into the well-furnished room using virtual staging.

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