Virtual staging in New York

Are you planning to sell your real estate property? Today’s demand is virtual staging in New York for selling a house or any other real estate property. Breota has become more powerful for real estate agents in which the home is designed with various customizations. Virtual staging is a new technology trend for real estate in New York. Breota can help you with its trained and professional designer to stage your house virtually.

Breota is one of the leading virtual staging service providers who provide you with a 3- dimensional photo and designing service for virtual staging in New York. We provide good virtual staging services to real estate agents which stand out different from other agents. With our services, you’ll get stunning designs and 3-D photographs that attract the buyers easily.

We make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your home. Many times buyers don’t know

What they want until you show it to them. That is also a big reason to stage a vacant home. We create the world’s best designs here. The virtual staging is needed in homes because it has a direct impact on sales. Breota provides amazing realistic photos at an affordable price. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us Now!

Breota is always available for giving you the best services of virtual staging, and remodelling of a house and virtually stage any kind of room. We are here for realtors 24/7. So, feel free to call us at any time for virtual staging in New York.

Provide customers with a realistic finished virtual staging

The high-resolution photographs are needed in virtual staging because most of the potential home buyers say that photographs are one of the most important factors while watching a home online. In fact, the designated pictures that do not look real, actually do more harm than good.

An oddly executed virtual staging, with oddly oriented, cluttered or unrealistic furnishings is distributed with the online audience that they actually relate the living in the house, make it chuckle Together, and an important stroke to move to the next.

Breota’s virtual Staging in New York process provides a realistic view that attracts the attention of the online home buyer. We innovate & Stage a photo with our design staging service and up-sell.

Requirements for staging the property virtually


  • The high-resolution photographs
  • Furniture style



High-resolution photographs

The high-resolution photos are used for a 3-D look of a house. To provide a view of reality we work with the Hd photos. The professional photographers are hired for the HD photos of the empty home in which all the dimensions are looking clearly in which we can easily and beautifully design your empty photo of the home.

Furniture style

Choose the furniture style for your property which is the base of your home. Without furniture, it looks empty. So choose the trending furniture style by which the home looks stunning and amazing after placing them.

Transform the real estate property into virtually staged home

Staging a home virtually is an art to transform a vacant home. And Breota provides this service excellently to make the sell the real estate property. Taking digital photographs of empty rooms and then inserting carpets, furnishings, and furniture into the image. This would help prospective customers visualize how a home would look like after staging virtually.

With our virtual staging, you also have the freedom to upgrade the home appliances, change the colour of the walls or even alter the flooring to show how the property will look when it is renovated.

This can help real estate agents. By good virtual staging, they can connect wisely with buyers and clients to make the buyers rely on themselves. Because of our virtual staging, this is enforceable.

How does our virtual staging work process?

Breota’s working process is very easy and understanding. Our expert team committed to helping you to make your home wonderful by which real estate agents attract customers easily by showing the staged house virtually.

  • Defining multiple services
  • Pricing deals
  • Give us a vacant photograph
  • Select your furniture
  • Now, let us work on it


Defining our services

It involves distributing the full information to real estate agents about virtual staging services. We assure them that with our services you will definitely find profitable customers.

Pricing deals

Give the full information to agents about pricing and efforts which we make for staging your property beautifully.

Work on a vacant photograph

Our trained and enthusiastic photo editing trainers and experts will work with your images to make sure that the layout feels natural and “homey” to anyone that watching them.

Apply your furniture style

We place the furniture that you select for inside photos of vacant homes so that your real estate photos have personality and character and look well furnished.

Advantages of using virtual staging in New York

Sell the real estate property faster

Every real estate professionals know the empty homes do not sell fast in the market which is an important thing to trust the virtual staging because by virtual staging the sellers can easily attract the potential buyers by displaying the realistic virtually staged homes.

Time-saving process

Virtual staging is not a lengthy process. It is only about stage the home virtually. Because it removes the work of shifting the room in a well-furnished way. Rather the room is well furnished by the editing software without shifting the house.

Helps in give the look

The room is designed by the help of the virtual staging image which is design before purchasing the home or property. We can suggest watching the online photos of house staged and give a great look to the home. I want to clear that decorating a house and staging the house are very different things. Decorating is personalizing the home. Staging is de-personalizing it to sell.

Cost effective process

Staging a room physically is very expensive than staging a room virtually. Because for staging a home we need the furniture and deco materials for decorating the rooms. And it is very expensive on rent and but in virtual staging, very least cost is required to increase the marketability of your listings. It gives buyers a reason to love the images of your property.  

Shows the dimensions of the home

The well-furnished room by virtual staging appears filled but on the other hand, an empty place looks very small in which the buyer can’t decide the shape and size of the house. The virtually furnished room can show the shape and size of the area in a better way and give the buyer the idea that all the luggage and furniture will fit in the room or not.   

Create an awesome impression

By designing a house virtually it is the duty of the real estate agent that the room is designed virtually in the same way in which the buyer needs that house to be looked in the first impression. The virtual staging tool is very important for creating the first and last impression of the house pamphlet on buyers.

What makes us different from others in virtual staging in New York?

One of the reasons that so many real estate agents use the Breota for their real estate staging services. It is because we have built our trust among the realtors of New York with our quick and efficient virtual staging service.

Selecting Breota is a perfect choice for any real estate company that works with real estate images and home furnishings.

We work with real estate agencies, real estate photography companies – anyone who needs the multiple, staged images that are perfect to attract potential buyers.


Our amazing fast services help you sell the property fast


We ensure to deliver the virtually staged home photographs within 24 to 48 hours. Our virtual staging services give you the power of selling the property instantly. And the real estate agents have the profit to take by asking the price to the customers.

Live chat support

We provide the live chat support box for the real estate agents or the property owners. if you have any issues with our services, We are 24/7 available for you.

Give you the satisfaction guarantee

We have a team of passionate interior designers who give your property the best interior designs to create an amazing space for online market. We have impressive work experience with many real estate agents.